About ABS Konnyaku

Nowadays carbohydrate-restricted diet is very popular amongst diabetics and people on a diet. We are expecting this diet to become even more popular because you do not have to restrict your calorie intake. Especially, developing substitute products for staple foods, such as rice, bread, noodles and pasta which are high in carbohydrate has been the most difficult. That is why our innovative ABS Dried Konnyaku has developed and they can be used as substitutes for staple foods.


Low-carbohydrate and low-calorie foods having the texture that can be used as a substitute for staple diet items

We have improved the texture of traditional Konnyaku and Shirataki to develop ABS Dried Konnyaku which can be consumed as staple diet (rice and bread, etc.). ABS Dried Konnyaku Rice (rehydrated) has 48kcal per 100g and has 6.7g calculated carbohydrate per 100g. ABS Dried Konnyaku has no odor owing to our special manufacturing process so that you can enjoy our ABS Konnyaku products as a substitute for staple food. Our versatile products include substitute rice, bread and noodles, all of which can be consumed safely. We also succeeded to develop products such as bread, okonomiyaki, rice cracker and warabimochi (bracken-starch dumplings) without using any flour.

Dietary fiber

Containing abundant dietary fiber for various effects

ABS Dried Konnyaku Rice consists of konjac flour, indigestible dextrin (reducible type), resistant starch and cellulose. ABS Dried Konnyaku Rice contains 62.1g of dietary fibers in dry conditions per 100g (analyzed by Japan Food Research Laboratories). The amount of the dietary fiber in ABS Dry Konnyaku when it expands four times and is rehydrated in hot water is 15.5g per 100g. Cooked ABS Dried Konnyaku Rice for a serving (120 g) alone contains 18.6g of the dietary fiber. The Recommended Daily Amounts of the dietary fiber for an adult Japanese is 20 to 30g. Therefore, a serving size of ABS Konnyaku Rice alone covers almost the whole required daily amount of fiber. ABS Dried Konnyaku contains full of a reducible type of indigestible dextrin. Indigestible dextrin is a dietary fiber that is approved as foods for specified health uses and is reported to work to promote the absorption of minerals and reduce serum lipid and reported to have the effect of reducing visceral fat.

Amount of fiber in the products made with ABS Dried Konnyaku (Calculated value)
  ABS Rice(120g) ABS Carbohydrate-restricted Bread(45g) ABS Carbohydrate-restricted Okonomiyaki(227g)
indigestible dextrin 9.4g 1.0g 5.1g
other fibers 9.2g 4.0g 19.2g
fibers in total 18.6g 5.0g 24.3g

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