Life You Can Get by Carbohydrate-restricted Diet

No need to give up enjoying a variety of foods. We enables you to have a rich and affluent dietary life.

From Calorie-restricted Diet to Carbohydrate-restricted Diet

According to a 2004 report by the American Diabetes Association, the sole cause of elevated blood sugar is net carbohydrate, not fat or protein.

Is it said that when a type 2 patient ingests 1g of net carbohydrate, their blood sugar level rises by 3 mg. Restricting the amount of net carbohydrate (low-carbohydrate) is a key to control diabetes. That’s why alternative low net carb food products are much sought after. ABS has succeeded in developing such products using konnyaku and shirataki.

Persevering to keep the calorie-restricted diet involves a sacrifice of the enjoyment of eating which is part of the great enjoyment of our lives. The continuation of calorie-restricted diet for a long period needs arduous perseverance, although we could endure it for a short period.

Net carbohydrate-restricted diet is newly introduced under this circumstances. It is a therapeutic diet mainly to restrict only the amount of net carbohydrate intake (low-carbohydrate) without restricting the amount of calorie intake without giving up rice, bread, noodles, pasta and so on.

ABS Dried Konnyaku provides a variety of versatile low-carbohydrate and low-calorie products. Now diabetics can enjoy a variety of foods with peace of mind. Compared to ordinary diet for diabetes, net carbohydrate-restricted diet will gradual rise in blood sugar levels so that it enables pancreas β cells to rest and therefore, it will reduce the need for the administration of insulin.

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