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Konnyaku Bread

What is delicious bread? It’s bland bread we can’t get enough of. Our ABS Konnyaku Sticky Bread with the texture and flavor very close to those of wheat bread, which is made without any wheat flour and wheat bran, has been developed with a unique method of manufacturing.

87% of sugar off! 28% of energy cut!

Carbohydrate restriction with the maximum flavor    Dietary fiber contained in a piece of bread (45 grams) equivalent to that contained in 2.4 lettuces

We developed ABS Konnyaku Bread in hopes to provide a daily essential bread “with a delicious taste” which can be enjoyed by anyone safely. ABS Konnyaku Bread is made from konnyaku and we are sure that you will love its fluffy and dense texture. A piece of ABS Konnyaku Bread (45 grams) contains 6 grams of dietary fiber which is equivalent to the fiber of 2.4 lettuces. Since our ABS Konnyaku Bread does not contain wheat, there will be no deterioration of starch so that you can truly enjoy it even if you freeze it.

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Product List of “Konnyaku Bread”

  • Soft Chewy Konnyaku Bread
    Soft Chewy Konnyaku Bread

    Carbohydrate 2.9g / 1 piece
    Energy (Calorie) 103 kcal / 1 serving

  • Sweet bean paste, Cream, Jam
    Bean Jam Bun , Cream Bun, Jam Bun

    Carbohydrate 6.4g / 90g
    Energy 62 kcal / 90g

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