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Konnyaku Rice

ABS Carbohydrate-restricted Konnyaku Rice is ultimate level of konjac-blended rice specialized for people having abandoned their desire to eat rice. Enjoy dishes such as risotto, rice casserole, takikomi gohan (rice seasoned and cooked with various ingredients) and fried rice which you couldn’t cook with traditional carbohydrate-restricted diet.

80% of sugar off! 70% of energy cut!

Konnyaku Rice that is rich in dietary fiber (20 grams per a serving (120 grams)) and easy to eat

We do not think many people like the odor and a unique texture of traditional konnyaku rice made from only konnyaku. Our unique technology has enabled you to enjoy ABS Konnyaku Rice on its own.

ABS Konnyaku Rice is rich in dietary fiber and its single serving size covers 80% of the daily minimum requirement for dietary fiber.

ABS Konnyaku Rice is a completely innovative and versatile version of konnyaku rice which are consumed safely by diabetics. It is dry so it is light and can be stored easily. Simply add hot water to make substitute rice for use in all kinds of dishes. You can eat on its own or since it is easy to absorb the flavors, you can enjoy it by making risotto, rice casserole, fried rice and takikomi gohan and so on which were not possible with traditional konnyaku rice.

ABS Konnyaku Rice can be frozen, which was also impossible with traditional konnyaku.

Product List of “Konnyaku Rice”

  • Konnyaku Fluffy Rice
    Konnyaku Fluffy Rice

    Carbohydrate 8.1g / 1 serving
    Energy (Calorie) 58 kcal / 1 serving

  • Konnyaku Risotto (Curry)
    Konnyaku Risotto (Curry)

    Carbohydrate 13.5g / 1 serving
    Energy (Calorie) 89 kcal / 1 serving

  • Konnyaku Risotto (Seafood)
    Konnyaku Risotto (Seafood)

    Carbohydrate 12.1g / 1 serving
    Energy (Calorie) 81 kcal / 1 serving

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