Second Part of Product Development Story

No product can be developed to go on the market without involving a great number of people.
Here is a story of how we managed to finally succeed in developing products, overcoming a great number of difficulties.

Internationally Patented “ABS Dry Konnyaku”

「ABS乾燥こんにゃく」が世界特許にThere were already products intended for diabetics, such as bread causing a gradual rise in blood sugar levels and noodles made from Konnyaku, although they didn’t taste delicious.
But there were no rice, Japanese staple diet item, causing a gradual rise in blood sugar levels.

In answer to the request from Takao Hospital in Kyoto, I made up my mind to develop “Konnyaku-blended rice which prevents a rise in blood sugar levels” for a great number of people suffering from diabetes like my father.

We have developed ABS Dried Konnyaku Rice enabling the minimization of the rise in postprandial blood sugar levels, gaining the cooperation of many people for supplementing something lacking in our technology. After that, we have acquired patents for it in both Japan and Korea. Patents in China, India and the United States, etc. are pending. We have been developing a variety of foods which are considered as difficult to be made low-carbohydrate by reason of carbohydrate contained in materials themselves, such as Carbohydrate-restricted Rice made from ABS Dried Konnyaku that even diabetics are allowed to eat and Carbohydrate-restricted Konnyaku Bread made without any flour.

What Konnyaku Shop Can Do

こんにゃく屋だからこそValues in our society have been changing according to times. At the time of founding, there was a shortage of any kinds of material things and making Konnyaku itself matched social demands and was highly beneficial to our society, but nowadays there are no material things seemingly lacking and it is getting beneficial to our society not so highly.

We think food manufacturers should create an environment where people who are not able to eat foods for some reason can have an opportunity to eat them. When there was a shortage of any kinds of material things, we created an environment where even people who were not able to get foods could have an opportunity to get and eat them, by producing in large volume so that more people could get and eat them without difficulty.

Striving for “a delicious taste” and pursuing “security and safety” have enabled you to enjoy delicious foods and eat them with confidence. We think that in the future, it will be required to develop products that can be eaten with confidence by people who are not allowed to eat what they would like to eat by reason of their illness.
I think my father is glad that Konnyaku which he has turned into business will help diabetics throughout the world.
We are aiming to help diabetics not only in Japan but also in the world, using our ABS Dried Konnyaku.

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